Uses of Fruit Pulps


Fruit pulp is one of the most used elements in the culinary world, mainly in the preparation of nectars, juices, desserts, smoothies, ice creams, sauces etc.

It becomes an almost indispensable ingredient for those who love to make all kinds of recipes for restaurants, hotels, business casinos and homemade foods because they are not only exquisite, but also healthy and nutritious; the freshness and taste they give us, are enough to encourage us to make recipes and surprise users.

Health treatment

Fruit pulp can also be used for the preparation of home remedies, because it is an ingredient that contains valuable compounds for our body, it is not uncommon to come across the idea of making homemade recipes to combat almost any health problem and can serve to prevent the appearance of a large group of diseases.

Mango: For the prevention of breathing problems

Maracuyá: To calm states of nervousness

Soursop and Guava: For the prevention of influenza and respiratory diseases

Beauty treatment

Face masks to improve skin elasticity and prevent early onset of signs of ageing.

Elaboration of cosmetic products to improve the appearance of the skin, such as the case of strawberry that by its high concentration in vitamin C and antioxidants returns shine and smoothness to the skin.