Benefits of Frutihelen Pulps

Pulps and their derived products are characterized by a wide range of nutritional compounds that give consumers special appeal.

Nutritionally, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and carbohydrates such as fiber are provided; they also give the satisfaction of consuming a product with varied and pleasant sensory characteristics.

When comparing frozen pulp with other fruit derivatives and fruit itself, some advantages it has are:

  • When freezing, the aroma, color and taste of the fruit is preserved over a certain time, much greater than that of the fruit.
  • Currently the freezing processes are so efficient that no nutrients are lost, which cannot be said in another type of preservation process such as cooking to prepare a jam or preserve.
  • Pulp is a very versatile fruit derivative, with this we mean that it allows us to prepare a wide variety of products that have fruit base, among these we can mention smoothies, cocktails, jams.
  • Once frozen, this fruit derivative can be preserved and used for up to a year, making it a great way to enjoy certain fruits out of season.
  • It also allows us to have access to fruits not produced in the country but of great flavor and good acceptance.
  • With regard to natural fruit, pulps have a great advantage, if not consumed, not damaged or over-ripened in a short time, which if it happens with fruit.
  • Similarly, if you choose a good supplier of fruit derivatives, specifically pulps, you will know that these have been prepared from good quality fruit with previously selected fruits, which is difficult to control in the fruit.
  • At the macroeconomic level, the fruit derivatives industry allows you to take advantage of surplus harvested fruit without having to waste and take advantage of prices.