Orange juice

Scientific name: “Citrus sinensis”
The orange is a citrus fruit and its shape is usually round, the edible part of the orange is the pulp and it is consumed fresh or in juice. The orange is also used to make compotes, jams, for consumption as dehydrated fruit, etc. 

Tangerine juice

Scientific name: “Citrus nobilis”
Tangerine is a natural source of fiber, which is found in the white pulp under the skin and between the segments. This substance stimulates the intestinal movement and reduces the absorption of fats and toxic substances.

Lemon juice

Scientific name: “Citrus Limón”
Other language: LEMON in English, CITRONNIER in French
It is an acidic fruit of yellow or green color, oval in shape, which, like other citrus fruits, contains the pulp enclosed in its interior forming segments or pieces, depending on the piece it can have from 8 to 10 segments. With the pulp or extract of the lemon you can obtain delicious Lemonades, Lemon Creams, desserts (pies, cakes). It is also used as a garnish in culinary preparations

Grape juice

Scientific name: “Vitis vinifera”
Grape juice is a food that is consumed for its nutritional characteristics, since it provides energy and valuable nutrients.